6 Travel Destinations That You Need To Have On Your Bucket-list

Travel bucket list

Traveling is a part of who I am. It is something that has molded me and shaped me into the person I am today (without sounding too much like a cliche) but seriously, there is nothing like it. The experiences I have had, the people I have met and the lessons I have learnt are invaluable. I have been lucky enough to travel to many destinations across the Globe but there are a few that have left me itching for more.  Keep reading to find out what next adventures should be on your bucket list.

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Winter Wonderland with Old Navy

As soon as I arrived in the USA , I had one mission and one mission only, to find a “proper” winter jacket. I knew that if I was going to really enjoy all that a white winter has to offer, I would need the perfect jacket to keep me warm in all the right places. I went from store to store to find the right fit, the right color and of course something that was going to do the job.  After many recommendations I ended up heading to OLD NAVY.

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Making it in Michigan

At the beginning of 2016, I made secret goal with myself. I made a decision in my mind, my heart and my soul that by the time November 2016 comes around, I would be in America. I had absolutely NO idea how or who, what or where but I knew why and that was the most important thing. Michigan, USA, was to be my new home. 

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