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Paris Can’t Wait: 48 Hours In The City Of Love

Paris Can’t Wait: 48 Hours In The City Of Love

Paris, Paris, Paris… one of my favorite cities in the whole world. I don’t know what it is about this place that makes me excited about life but whatever it is, I like it. Craig and I spent 48 hours in Paris for our 7 year anniversary- it was magical! In 48 hours, we managed to walk pretty much the entire city, see the sights without paying hefty tourist prices and wine and dine at petite French Diners. If you would like to know how to experience Paris in 48 hours, then I have some great tips for you. Keep reading to find out more.


How To Get To Paris

We arrived in Paris via the Eurostar ( what a great way to travel). Its affordable, quick and a great way to see the countryside. It was 2 and a half hours of bliss and then we arrived in Paris.

You can check out Eurostar ticket prices here.

We had to catch two different tubes to get to our hotel which was of course quite the experience. When you have luggage, everything is in French and you have no idea where you are going, it makes for a fun time! If you are not someone who enjoys the hassle of public transport then you can always catch an uber- sometimes it is just easier!

Royal Phare Hotel

We arrived at our hotel- which was actually quite lovely. We had beautiful views of the Parisian architecture, cute restaurants at our door step and two sets of french doors in both the bedroom and bathroom. You could even open the doors whilst showering and maybe even greet the neighbors whilst you are at it, lol!  The room was very small but that is not unusual for France. It was cosy and did the trick. Whether or not we will return, I am not sure but it was a lovely experience.

You can have a look at the Royal Phare Hotel’s rates here.

What To Do On A Night In Paris With Limited Time?

Because we arrived so late in the evening, we only had a couple of hours to cover some ground before bedtime. We walked to the Eiffel tower and had the most delicious Nutella and banana crepes in a little stall right opposite the tower. This was a happy memory for me because my best friend and I were in Paris 5 years ago and we had pancakes in the exact same place. So it was special to take Craig there. I would highly recommend going there.

We then took a long walk to the Champs-Elysees, did some shopping ( of course) and then headed to dinner at a lovely little french restaurant where the cheapest bottle of wine was 25 Euros! Advice on picking a good bottle of wine- sometimes the cheaper ones are the best. Don’t be fooled by exuberant prices. Also, the further away you walk from the Champs Elysees, the cheaper and more cozy the restaurants are.

The Best Way To Navigate Paris

The best way to see and get to know a city is on foot- or on a bus. Both of these allow you to really get an authentic feel of the area. You end up seeing much more than you would if you took the underground or even took a taxi. The City Mapper App is the best way to navigate your way through Europe.

Breakfast Spots

The next morning, we went in search of breakfast. Now breaky in Europe is very different to breakfast in South Africa. There is always plenty of bread, cheese and meat involved. I am someone who likes a simple scrambled eggs and bacon vibe but for some reason we just couldn’t find that. We ended up getting a bagel at Bagelstein which was SO delicious and incredibly filling. A great meal to have on the go, whilst walking the city and burning it all off.

Other cute breakfast ideas:

  • Nutella and banana crepes ( for dinner and breakfast, why not)
  • Fresh fruit at the local markets
  • Freshly baked pastries at any local bakery- the best!


Street Markets

Paris is full of fresh produce markets. We were walking to the Louvre when we came across this quirky little side street which was full of stalls selling fresh fruit and veg, book stores, vintage clothing and even fresh fish. It was such a lovely way to get an authentic feel of the Parisian way of life.

Finding a market is a must- take a stroll down a side street and you might be surprised!

Paris Markets

Have a French Hot Chocolate

I found that I didn’t drink any coffee in Paris because the French like their coffee very strong but it is also super expensive compared to London. So I opted for hot chocolate instead.

Apparently, the hot chocolate at Laduree is famous and unbelievable. But, Craig and I decided to venture of the beaten track and found a new little hot chocolate spot that I would highly recommend- Les Ambassades.  A huge plus, was that this cafe was super cute and in a very quaint area. The second plus was that their menu was decent and super well priced so of course we decided to stop there. The bonus, was that the hot chocolate was to die for! Les Ambassades are scattered around France, so do yourselves a favour and try them out when you are around.

48 Hours in Paris


  • Drink lots of wine while you are there. In summer, it is great to picnic but in winter, it’s lovely to have a glass of red in your hotel room, looking out onto the magnificent views of Paris
  • Watch the Eiffel tower light up- every night, on the hour, it lights up for 5 whole minutes.
  • Get a super persistent French man to draw a picture of you that doesn’t even vaguely resemble what you look like, but it’s fun anyway! Tip: you can ALWAYS bargain the price down. Don’t be fooled by their big smiles and charm.
  • Walk to Notre Dame and really take it all in. I’m serious… We stood there in the cold for at least half an hour just staring at the outside of the church. It is truly phenomenal.

Paris in 48 hours

Paris is full of so much beauty and charm. It is wonderful! One can do a lot in 48 hours but there is always more to see and do. I have never been to Paris in the summer- so that is the next adventure! Picnics, bicycle rides, white wine and sunshine- it sounds like a dream to me.


xoxo- Kendal Olivia

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