Blue Diamond Almonds: Christmas Giveaway

Seeing as though it has just been Christmas, I have a very exciting giveaway for all my readers! If you are an almond lover ( like me), then this healthy on the go snack  is perfect to curb your almond loving cravings. If you are road tripping, entertaining or needing a protein fix after gym, we have you covered. Keep reading to find out more about our Blue Diamond Almonds giveaway.

So I think it only appropriate to fill you in on what this amazing, awesome, delicious, Christmas giveaway entails right?

We are giving away 24 cans of Blue Diamond Almonds to two lucky readers! And guess what, they are available in four irresistibly bold and delicious flavors that will get your taste buds movin’ n shakin’ in more ways than one. These crunchy nuts are available in  Chilli and Lime, Roasted Salted, Salt ‘n Vinegar and Smokehouse. I have to say, I am not one for smokey flavors but wow, the Smokehouse flavor is unbelievable – I almost finished the whole tub in one sitting.  Blue Diamond Almonds Blue Diamond Almonds Blue Diamond Almonds Blue Diamond Almonds

Blue Diamond Almonds are currently available at select Aroma, Spar, Dis-Chem, Food Lovers Market, Wellness Warehouse and Thrupps stores from R 49.95 ( just in case you want to purchase them yourselves). However, if you are reading this, then YOU stand a great chance of winning your own Blue Diamond Almonds hamper valued at R 1250. The lucky winners will get 6 cans of each flavor… enough to curb all those almond cravings!

Blue Diamond AlmondsAlmond Breeze

So how do you win, you might ask? Well, it is super simple; all you have to do is LIKE the Almond Breeze Facebook Page and let me know why YOU would like to win this amazing hamper by commenting. Bonus points will be given for those that also share this post- it’s that easy folks!

Find out more on, or follow them on Instagram and Twitter @AlmondBreezeSA and Facebook/AlmondBreezeSouthAfrica.

The hamper is not transferable.
Only valid to SA residents.
Delivery needs to take place during working hours to a physical address.
xoxo- Kendal Olivia



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