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7 Weeks Of A Dairy Free Lifestyle: The Challenges & Benefits

7 Weeks Of A Dairy Free Lifestyle: The Challenges & Benefits

So, it has been seven weeks on my 12 week journey to getting in shape and I am feeling good. One of the rules when starting this was to give up all things dairy for the next 12 weeks. Yes, I know, you are probably thinking I am mad and wondering how on earth it is even possible to do such a thing but nearly seven weeks down and I have learnt a lot. If you are interested in finding out what the challenges and benefits of cutting out dairy are, then keep reading.

Dairy Free

To be completely transparent, not having any sort of dairy for seven whole weeks has been hard. Not because I used to consume much dairy before but because you don’t actually realize how much dairy is in everything we eat and drink. I have been amazed that even things we don’t think contain dairy… actually have plenty of it!

So lets start with the challenges and then we will get to the benefits- it’s always nice to end off on a positive note, don’t you think?


  1. One of the hardest things for me was giving up my daily cuppa fix. A well made cappuccino makes my heart extremely happy and is something I look forward to when running my day to day errands. Nothing taste better than the creamiest of creamiest full cream milk, blended perfectly to make that cup of coffee just right. Well, that ship sailed very quickly and I have actually found that I have started cutting down on coffee. To be as honest as possible… dairy alternatives are expensive in restaurants and many of them don’t even have the dairy free option. When going out to eat, you can add on at least R10 per person to your bill- it might not seem like much but two coffees later and you are already paying the same price as a third coffee.

2.   When going out to eat, you are very limited to what you can order, which makes going out not that fun anymore. I have found it quite a struggle as most food options (even the healthy ones) contain some sort of “hidden” dairy element. Poor Craig has had to deal with me analyzing every ingredient in everything I order… but if you want to take this seriously, then you need to know what is going into your body, right?


Lucky for us, the benefits totally out weigh the challenges. Even though it is hard and it is a pretty big commitment  to fully remove dairy for your life, it is totally worth it.

  1. Dairy contains a lot of calcium (many mother’s would disagree with cutting it out) but calcium can be found in other food forms such as banana’s, leafy greens and yes, even sardines (yuck!). It also has a lot of added sugars and salts which your body does not need. So in my short time of living a dairy free lifestyle, my body already feels like it has way more energy and is able to perform better.
  2. Apparently, milk is an acne trigger and so you will notice changes in your skin. Maybe,  just maybe, you can start feeling more comfortable and even start wearing less make up (if that has been a concern for you).


I have started drinking Almond Milk in coffee and Soy Milk in my morning oats or protein shake. Yes, it will probably take you a while to get used to the taste of both of these dairy alternatives but you WILL get used to it and even start to crave these healthier options.

Speaking of Almond milk, Almond Breeze is one of my favorite choices.  The Barista Blend in particular is creamy and blends perfectly to make the most delicious cup of coffee AND tea. I found that buying it in the store and making my own coffee at home works out to be the cheapest option. You can also make it exactly how YOU like it with as much of it as YOU like so that your coffee is as creamy as YOU like… you catch my drift? (lol)

You can check out more of their amazing products by clicking here.

Dairy FreeDairy Free

Cutting out things like cheese, yogurt, desserts and the list goes on; has also allowed me to watch my sugar in take – overall, my body is feeling extremely rejuvenated. I feel lighter, fresher and less bloated. Maybe I am starting to lose weight or maybe I am feeling good because of all the exercise I am doing but whatever it is, I am very happy that I decided to cut out dairy.

Dairy Free

If you are hesitant  about cutting out diary, my suggestion would be to just give it a try for a certain time period. You never know how it might make you feel and what positive effects it will have on your lifestyle and your body. Try dairy alternatives like Almond Breeze, and I can guarantee you will still enjoy your morning cuppa fix, just in a different way.

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xoxo- Kendal Olivia

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