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6 Travel Destinations That You Need To Have On Your Bucket-list

Traveling is a part of who I am. It is something that has molded me and shaped me into the person I am today (without sounding too much like a cliche) but seriously, there is nothing like it. The experiences I have had, the people I have met and the lessons I have learnt are invaluable. I have been lucky enough to travel to many destinations across the Globe but there are a few that have left me itching for more.  Keep reading to find out what next adventures should be on your bucket list.

1- Dubai, UAE

Dubai Bucket List Travel

Now for those of you that don’t know, Dubai was my home for many years. I grew up there, went to school there and experienced many firsts there. It has changed dramatically since the time we moved there in 2003 and has turned into a global empire- there is no place like it. From wide open deserts to skyscrapers that will boggle your mind, Dubai has to be on your bucket list, let me tell you why. There is so much to do in Dubai, from shopping up a storm to experiencing the Arabic culture on a desert adventure, there is something for everyone. The lavish hotels, fancy cars and in flux of celebrities is something that you see everyday and is completely normal to the residents. Everything is bigger and better and so completely unique- it is a place that will teach you to think outside the box, dream big and reach for the stars, because it is living proof that anything is possible.

Travel Tip: Do not leave Dubai without visiting the Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa and of course, the infamous Dubai Mall. Try a shawarma while you are there- they are life changing!

2- Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Travel Bucket List

If you have never had the luxury of visiting Cape Town, then this is a MUST on your bucket list. Cape Town is an absolute gem of a city and there are so many adventurous things to do. From wine tasting in the winelands to paragliding off Lions head, you will not be disappointed. Not only is it one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it’s also known for making some of the best coffee in the world. If you are a foodie, you love adventure, and you are keen to try new things- Cape Town is the city for you.

Read all about my favorite quirky coffee spots in Cape Town by clicking here.

If you would like to know where to stay in the Cape Winelands, then click here.

Travel Tip: A must do in Cape Town is to visit Table Mountain. You can either hiking it or if that is not for you, take the cable car. The views from Table Mountain are one of a kind. You can buy tickets for Table Mountain here.

3- Paris, France

Bucket List Travel Paris

One of my favorite places of all time. If you are a hopeless romantic, Paris is for you. From the architecture to the incredible history that the city has to offer, this has to be on your bucket list. The Eiffel tower is as beautiful as it looks in all the pictures. You can even indulge in delicious banana and nutella crepes while watching the tower light up at night… I mean, can it get any better than that? While you are there, why not give Escarcot a try… yes… I said it… snails! They are really not that bad, in fact, actually quite tasty lol! The trick to exploring Paris is to walk the streets and find the hidden gems that only locals know about. The Moulon Rouge is also something that needs to be experienced and well, what happens at the Moulon Rouge, stays at the Moulon Rouge.

Travel Tip: Don’t forget to walk the Champs Elysees, eat Macarons at Laduree and practice your french with the locals.

4- Michigan, USA (Detroit, Rochester Hills, Birmingham)

Detroit travel bucket list

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at my time spend in Michigan. I was there in the middle of winter, so I pretty much only saw the sun for two weeks out of 6 months, but oh what an experience it was. There is a preconceived idea that Detroit is not a great place to be BUT I have to let you know that it is an incredible city. Filled with so much history, culture and creativity, it is on the rise again. The locals are incredibly friendly and love engaging in conversations with foreigners. The coffee culture is also one to be explored. You can even visit Canada for the day by taking the Detroit Windsor Tunnel. You can find out details about the tunnel by clicking here. Do yourselves a favor and visit Detroit, Birmingham and Rochester Hills while you are in Michigan, you will love it!

You can read more on my time in Birmingham by clicking here.

Travel Tip: Don’t forget to try and catch an NBA basket ball game while you are in the city- Go Detroit Pistons! You can find out the Detroit Piston’s schedule by clicking here.

5- Rome, Italy

Rome travel bucket list

If you love good food, great wine and an absolute vibe; Rome is the place to be. The only way to really explore Rome is to completely immerse yourself in the culture. Adventure off the beaten track, try the local Grappa and dance with the Italian men. Let your hair down and go with the flow in Rome. If you are a history fan or a fashionista, Rome has something for everyone to enjoy.  Visit Della Palma and give the coconut Gelato a try- it is my favorite flavor of all time! They have over 150 flavors to choose from- find out all about them by clicking here. Don’t forget to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain– your dreams may just come true!

Travel Tip: Do not leave Rome without visiting the Coliseum– it will give you goosebumps. Don’t forget to give a true Italian pizza or pasta a try- you will not regret it!

6- Munich, Germany

Bucket List Munich Travel

Are you the beer drinking type? The type that loves meeting strangers, drinking outdoors and eating wholesome delicious meals? Well then Munich is for you! Germany was never really a place that I aspired to visit but as soon as I arrived, I immediately fell in love with the place. The best things to do in Munich are to hire a bike and cycle around the city. This is one of the best ways to truly feel like a local. The beer garden is a MUST do and even if you don’t drink beer (like me) you have to give it a try- it is all part of the experience! The architecture is one to be explored as Munich has much history to tell. Don’t forget to prost (cheers in German) to life, laughter and happiness because that is what Munich is all about.

Travel Tip: Have a picnic in Munich’s Englischer Garten  (English Garden) and visit the Eisbach Surfers (river surfers) which Munich is famous for.

There are many other amazing travel destinations that I have been to and many that are still waiting to be ticked off  my bucket list. These are just a few of my favorites. I hope that by reading this it will motivate you to broaden your horizons and begin to get itchy feet, just like I have. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel, grab it with both hands and jump in with everything you’ve got- it will change your life. Don’t forget to take try new things, greet strangers, make memories and live in the moment.

xoxo- Kendal Olivia



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