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Yesterday was one of those days where I got to feel like a little kid in a candy store. It was a morning filled with so much fun, creativity and of course L.O.V. I got to do a makeup masterclass with the amazing La’eeqa Yunus– where myself and a few other bloggers, learnt how to make ourselves look that much more radiant. Keep reading to see what we got up to at the L.O.V Masterclass hosted by Cosmetix SA and how YOU can achieve this look.


We were welcomed with champagne and taken to our own make up booth where we got ready to learn new techniques using this amazing brand, L.O.V . Now if you have never heard about L.O.V Cosmetics before, allow me to fill you in a little. L.O.V is the sister brand to Catrice and Essence, two brands that most girls know about and use on a day to day basis. L.O.V on the other hand is slightly more exclusive and high end and that is why it can only be found in selected Dis-Chem stores.

Now for the fun part- my own personal review of this product- I absolutely LOV this brand! After the masterclass, I am completely and utterly devoted to these products. Everything about the brand resembles class, sexiness and style. The products are also filled with so much goodness that your skin is left feeling nourished and super healthy.


We were taken through a step by step process from applying primer, all the way to finishing the look with the L.O.V setting spray. Now I wish I could show you the entire process that we did to get this look, however, I was having way too much fun and forgot to take shots of the products. I might have to do a YouTube video on this look, what do you think?

Here is how I got this final look- which I did all on my own, I might add, lol!


LOV Makeup

  1. Apply the Perfectitude Primer Serum all over the face
  2. Use the Colour Correcting Stick to get rid of dark circles under the eyes
  3. Apply the Undressed 12H Moisterising Foundation #20 (remember all of these are suited to my skin tone)
  4. Use the Perfectitude Face Contouring Palette to define your features
  5. Set that all in place with the Perfectitude Translucent Compact Powder


  1. Use the Browtittude Eyebrow Contouring Palette to sculpt your brows


LOV Makeup

  1. Apply the Perfectitude Eye Shadow Primer before applying any eye shadow
  2. Apply the Heartful Healthy Glow blush #20 on the outside corner of the lid in a “v-like” motion.
  3. Do the same using the Heartful Healthy Glow Blush #40- but don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!
  4. Once you have applied those two colors, finish the eye off by applying the Unexpected Eye Shadow Matte #100 in the corners and then all over the lid, as well as on the bottom lid. This ends up giving you that beautiful burgundy look.
  5. Finish the look off with a winged eye using the Confidential Liner Pen 100 and The Forbidden Dramatic Volume Mascara Black #100


L.O.V Makeup

  1. Finish the cheeks off with some bronzer- L.O.V Sun Matte #10
  2. Lastly, top the look off by adding blush on the apples of your cheeks- Healthy Glow #10


  1. Last but definitely not least, apply the lip liner suited to the color of lipstick you are going to use – LipAffair Color and Care Lip Pencil #530
  2. Followed by your lipstick of choice- LipAffair Color and Care #500 (the color I used in this look)

Finish the entire look off with the L.O.V Setting Spray.

The amazing thing about these products is that not only are they very high quality but they are also extremely affordable- I always love a good bargain!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I hope that after reading this and seeing the results, you will feel inspired to start experimenting with makeup. ┬áMakeup is fun and gives us a chance to express ourselves in unique and interesting ways- don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things. You are beautiful and I have no doubt you the L.O.V products will look just as amazing on you!

Don’t forget you can buy the product in selected Dis-Chem stores- Canal Walk & Somerset Mall. If you want to read up on some more L.O.V products that I have already reviewed, click here.

xoxo- Kendal Olivia

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