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My Top 5 Quirky Coffee Spots in Cape Town

My Top 5 Quirky Coffee Spots in Cape Town

Are you a coffee lover or maybe just someone who loves trying out new cafe’s in your city? Well if so, I have the top 5 quirky cafes that not only make seriously good coffee, but also have a vibe like no other. Keep reading to find out my top 5 picks in Cape Town, The Mother City.

1- Honest Chocolate

Honest Chocolate

I am sure that many of you have heard about Honest Chocolate before- but if you haven’t yet been there then you are missing out! It has become the local hot spot for bloggers and influencers to hang out and is famous for their chocolate desserts and delicious coffees. Set in the middle of the city, you can escape from the buzzing and hustling of life by sitting in their private outdoor court yard whilst sipping on a cup of deliciousness. Anyone who goes there feels as though they have been transported to a little quaint European Cafe- the cobble stone walls and Romeo and Juliet balcony makes you feel nostalgic. Whether you are a local or visiting Cape Town for the first time, do yourself a favour and visit Honest Chocolate- you will  honestly love it!

2- Four & Twenty Cafe and Deli

Four & Twenty Cafe

I have recently discovered this unique little coffee spot in the heart of the Southern Suburbs. From it’s slightly off the wall decor to its amazing array of options on the menu- this places knows how to make you feel welcome. When you first walk in it looks smaller than one thinks but once you start exploring, you find that there is more than meets the eye. One of my favorite things to do it sit by window and watch the passers by whilst indulging in a hot cuppa- very European of me, I might add! If you are by yourself or even with that someone special, this cafe is perfect for relaxing over some great coffee and a good book. It is the type of place that I would imagine writers going to- a place where stories are born and adventures are formed. So if you are feeling inspired, or in need of something new, head on over to Four & Twenty.

3- Giulio’s Cafe


This cafe is completely Instagramable- yes I said it- instagramable (if that is even a word, lol!) From it’s marble counters to its open plan layout- Giulio’s is the place to be. I rocked up half an hour before it closed and the place was packed- with more people arriving for their quick coffee fix. The room was filled with laughter and the clinging of plates and coffee mugs- people were really enjoying their experience there, it was obvious. If you enjoy a good cup of strong coffee and an infectious ambiance, then Giulio’s is definitely one for the bucket list. I have also heard great things about the food- who knows- that might be my next blog post!

4- Molten Toffee

Molten Toffee

This cafe is the dark horse of cafes. Why do I say this? Well, it is one of those coffee spots that not everyone knows about but once you have tried it, it will be itched in your tastebuds. Set at the bottom of Kloof Street, the Molten Toffee bar overlooks the road. It seems I have a knack for picking places that exude a European feel, and this place does just that. The cafe itself is small but when you walk in you are welcomed by a large overwhelming greeting from the staff behind the counter. The coffee and toasted sandwiches are divine and are perfect for a little Saturday morning treat or even a nice break from being in the office all day. You may not have heard of Molten Toffee yet- but I guarantee – if you give it a try, you will be hooked.

5- Shift Espresso Bar

Shift espresso bar

Now this cafe makes me feel like I am sitting in the middle of New York City, a place where dreams are made of.  Shift is one of those spots that makes you want to  sip coffee all day while working on an exciting project from the comfort of your laptop. It has become the trendy place to go to for your morning fix and who knows who you might bump into. The arty and unconventional decor is very different to any of the other 4 cafe’s I have previously mentioned. However, this is what makes it stand out. It’s dark moody interior, contrasted by the copper lights and brown leather couch is somewhat inviting in it’s own unique way. The attention to detail and the outgoing friendly staff is what made me put Shift Espresso Bar on my top 5 list. If you are looking for a a trendy vibe and a great cup of coffee- this would be a great pick.

I hope that you enjoyed reading up on my top 5 quirky coffee spots in Cape Town. I would love to hear what your favorite places are and if YOU have any tips for me when exploring the Mother City.

Do yourself a favour and branch out a little bit. Do something different this weekend, see new places, try new foods, and be open to life’s adventures. We are blessed to live in such a unique city that truly has so much to offer.

xoxo – Kendal Olivia


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