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The Last Word: Luxury Boutique Hotel in Constantia

The Last Word: Luxury Boutique Hotel in Constantia

Wow… what an incredible place! Nestled in the heart of Constantia lies this beautiful gem of a hotel. A place that looks like something out of a painting. You would never think that there is such beauty hidden behind the walls that you see from the road.


As you walk into reception, you are greeted with a big smile from The Last Word staff. Everyone there is so friendly and accommodating. They helped us with our bags and took them straight to the room while we looked around in awe. Everything about The Last Word is crisp, clean and beautiful. It has a feeling of being at home yet it still encompasses that luxurious ambiance.

IMG_1068IMG_1071 IMG_1067 IMG_1062

As you walk through the main lounge and into the garden you are greeted by an inviting swimming pool- it’s the middle of winter and yet all I wanted to do was jump in! Being surrounded by so much greenery really reminds one of the natural beauty Cape Town has to offer. Lying by the pool, in the middle of summer, deep in the Constantia valley, has to be one for the bucket list, don’t you think?

IMG_1058 IMG_1060IMG_1079

As you walk past the swimming pool and into the garden, suite 2 is tucked away in the midst of the Bougainvillea. The suite is private and so incredibly peaceful that you wouldn’t think anyone else stayed on the property. Not only is there a main pool for all guests to enjoy but the suites have their very own dipping pool which is perfect for a summers day. I was lucky enough to experience suite 2 and wow, did I fall in love with this place.

IMG_1055 IMG_1078

The room itself is stunning. It has its own lounge with a flat screen TV, a mini bar, and a huge king size bed that looks out onto the private patio and pool.

IMG_1084 IMG_1087 IMG_1054IMG_1049

The bathroom is finished beautifully- perfect for a candlelit bath or a steamy hot shower. We were welcomed to fresh towels, gowns and slippers. There is also plenty of closet room in the bathroom, just in case you decide to extend your trip by a few days… wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

IMG_1042 IMG_1044 IMG_1043 IMG_1045

After spending some time in our beautiful room, we headed into the main lounge area of the hotel and enjoyed a lovely glass of wine and a huge piece of scrumptious chocolate cake (which they have waiting for you anytime of the day… just saying). After returning to the room, the beds were turned down, the bed lights turned on and the gowns were laid out, waiting and ready to be worn.

Everything about this experience was magical! I didn’t actually stay the night but my mum and best friend did and apparently breakfast was unbelievable!

Do yourself a favor and put this on your list of hotels to stay and places to see. Sometimes we are so fixated on going oversees that we forget that we have so many amazing gems hidden in this wonderful city that we call home.


So if you crave that “home away from home” feeling but also want to stay in complete luxury and style, The Last Word is exactly where you should be.

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