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Adventures in Birmingham, Michigan

Exploring little cities in the USA was one of my favorite things to do. There is a huge array of things to see and do and every new place is completely different to the next- Birmingham is one of them.

Birmingham completely resembles the exact same feeling you would feel if you were in the “real” place in the UK. It is full of young adults, delicious cafes and has a great vibe.

Craig and I decided to spend a morning exploring this area that is very well known among Michigan residents. It is known as “the place to be and the place to be seen” and I can see why.



It was absolutely freezing as you can see from the pictures. We were both covered up from head to toe but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the amazing buzz that Birmingham had to offer.





The theater is one of those “old school” cinemas… everything about it is authentic. At night, the entire cinema is lit up with fairy lights- it truly makes you feel like you have stepped out of the real world and into a movie. It was the perfect place to watch La La Land.




Many of the stores are super posh and very expensive. However, we walked into this store and yes, it was expensive but the style of clothing made you feel slightly “gangsta” as though you had a new “Detroit swag” in your step. We loved this store! I can’t even tell you what it was called because I was too distracted by all the fun stuff inside- it completely slipped my mind… whoops!





Overall, Birmingham is an awesome place to be. I wish I captured more shots of the restaurants and coffee shops to give you a better idea of the cafe culture… but there will always be a next time. I will just have to go back sometime in the future!


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