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My Favourite Five Minute Makeup Brands

My Favourite Five Minute Makeup Brands

I absolutely LOVE makeup ! It is something that excites me and makes me feel good but I don’t always have time to do something too elaborate. Most often than not, I am rushing out the door and only have a few minutes to get ready  and get my makeup done. That’s why I use these five products that are easily accessible, inexpensive and great for your skin! My favorite five minute makeup brands are Bourjois, Essence, Covergirl, Smudge and Catrice.

Bourjois CC Cream (32 Beige Claire)


This is one of my favorite “foundations” of all time! The reason I love it so much is because it is incredibly light on your skin (meaning that you can still see your freckles but covers up blemishes), it is a very natural look and it stays on all day. I am not a huge fan of caking on makeup and so this Bourjois CC Cream is the perfect cover up that one needs on a day to day basis. It has a warm undertone, creamy in texture and even contains the necessary SPF that one needs daily. If you have not tried out the brand Bourjois then please GIVE IT A TRY! Everything about them is amazing and totally worth it.

Essence Matt Touch Blush (10 Peach me up!)


Essence is a great brand. Yes, it is much cheaper than most products out there and some people ask why? But, at the end of the day, certain Essence products are a great buy and this blush is one of them. The peachy pink is perfect for summer and winter (I use it for both) and it lasts me a good couple of months. It leaves a smooth, silky matt look on your skin and keeps you looking fresh for the entire day.

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Waterproof Mascara


I have to be honest, I struggle to find a good mascara and I am constantly chopping and changing between different brands. However, I recently bought the Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Waterproof Mascara and it is definitely a new favorite. It makes me look like I am wearing fake lashes without even trying. It leaves my lashes looking long, lushes and full of volume. One of my pet hates is when mascara gets “clumpy” on your lashes but this does NOT happen with this particular one. I have definitely fallen in love with Covergirl and can’t wait to try all their other products.

Smudge White Eye Liner


Smudge is local to South Africa and is exclusive to Clicks  (one of South Africa’s leading pharmacy, beauty and health retailers). First things first, Smudge is an incredible brand from what I have seen so far. I use their white eye liner because first of all, white liner opens up your eyes and makes your eye colour pop and secondly, it goes on like a dream and stays on for the whole day… unless you rub your eyes, or shower…or cry… but for the most part, it stays on and keeps your eyes popping all day long.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Nude-Tastic Lipstick (380)


Catrice is an incredible brand. Every product they have is worth investing in. They have a huge lipstick range and I love every single one of their colours. Their Nude- Tastic lipstick is very natural but also gives you that “dolled” up feeling. It is the perfect nude for any outfit choice and can be warn with any colour. It is creamy and smooth and lasts for a number of hours. It leaves my lips moist and keeps me feeling confident throughout the day.

My final look using ALL 5 products


So those are my top five favorite makeup brands for my day to day routine. If you would like to see MY 5 minute makeup routine then check it out below. This is a short video showing you how simple and easy makeup can be when you are using amazing products.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!



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