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    4 Days In Bordeaux, France: What To Do

    I just recently returned to London from a quick 4 day trip to Bordeaux with my mom. It has been forever since we planned a girl’s trip and so this was very exciting. We were lucky enough to be staying with my mom’s best friend who happens to have a house outside of Bordeaux and so we saved a ton on accommodation. Four days in a wine region – can you guess what we got up to? HOW TO GET THERE FROM LONDON We took the red-eye flight out of London (flying Easy Jet) and arrived at 9 am French time. Although we had to be up at 3am and…

  • Cotswolds

    A Casual Weekend In The Cotswolds

    I’ve always wanted to spend some time in the Cotswolds – I have only ever heard great things about it. It’s a place where the “who’s who” of society have holiday homes, celebrities reside and “old school” poms spend their weekends. It’s lavish gardens, traditional pubs and friendly community are some of the many reasons why I wanted to visit the Cotswold’s. Not to mention; red wine, fire places and a cute English cabin – just like the movie “The Holiday”.


    Christmas Gift Ideas: For The Last Minute Shopper

    With Christmas being almost one week away, I am yet to do all of my shopping. I normally always leave it to the last minute… in fact… “last minute dot come” is my nickname around this time of year, lol! But this year, I wanted to avoid the Christmas stress and decided to buy a few small things that I can dish out here and there when needed.  If you are still looking for gifts for loved ones, well then look no further. I have a few simple but fun gifts that could be included in a stocking- or better yet, a gift in itself. So keep reading to check…

  • Christmas Markets in London

    Festive Season: The Best London Christmas Markets Of 2018

    Yes, I know, we have only just gone into November and we still have another 7 weeks or so until Christmas. However, November is when all the Christmas celebrations begin and in London, the Christmas markets are amazing! I have heard so much about these markets that I absolutely couldn’t wait to do a post on them. So keep on reading if you are as excited about the holiday festive season as I am.

  • Dubai- What to do on a time limit

    The Top 5 Activities To Do In Dubai | In Under 4 Days

    Dubai is one of the most unusual places in the world. For those of you that don’t know, I actually grew up in Dubai. We moved there in 2003 when Dubai was not really known to the rest of the world. The main landmark ( near the now Marina) was the Hard Rock Cafe which stood alone in the pile of sand that spanned for miles. Now, Dubai is like a mini Las Vegas with all its fun activities, sight seeing tours, hotels and restaurants.  Craig and I spent 4 days exploring my hometown – so of course I had to show him what it truly means to live like…

  • Positano Church

    The Top 7 Instagram Hot Spots in Positano, Italy

    Positano is absolutely incredible! Every single area is an opportunity to take the most amazing pictures- you don’t even have to try very hard to get a great shot. From ocean views to quaint cobble roads, Positano is an Instagram heaven and one that I had the best time exploring. If you want to find out where to take the best shots on your vacay in the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, then keep reading.

  • Kendal Olivia- Most Instagramable places in London

    The Top 5 Instagram Hot Spots in Central London

    Instagram has no doubt become the mover the shaker of social media. In fact, it has become so trendy to take the perfect Instagram shot that restaurants, hotels and cafes are changing their interiors and style of presentation to suit our Instagram needs. Living in London has opened my eyes up to a whole new way of taking photos. I am by no means a photographer but I have learnt that if you are creative, have a fairly decent eye for colors and aesthetics and know how to use Lightroom, you can curate a pretty epic Instagram image! So I thought I would take to the streets of London to…


    London Coffee Scene: Getting To Know Story Coffee

    Last weekend I was CRAVING my usual caffeine fix and decided to mission off on a Sunday afternoon to seek out my newest  coffee exploration. I had driven past Story Coffee many times (when on the bus) and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. It was a hot muggy afternoon in London, which vaguely reminded me of the humidity you get in Durban (South Africa) or even Dubai but that wasn’t going to stop me from figuring out what Story Coffee was all about. Speaking of South Africa, if you are visiting, check out my guide to the best vineyards in town.


    How To Cope With The On Set Of Winter In London

    So we all know that Winter in London sucks… to put it frankly. In fact, it is absolute torture! However, it can also be cozy and warm and cuddly AND fun- one just needs to know how to deal with the onset of winter. I thought it would be cool to let you guys in on a few tips and tricks that I use to learn to adapt to Autumn and the coldness that awaits. So if you want some advice on what to do, then keep on reading! To read about some other epic winter experiences I have had, such as in Michigan, USA, click here.